OIC Statistics (OICStat) Database

OICStatThe OIC Statistics (OICStat) Database serves as the primary online statistical source for the users all over the world who are interested in data and information about OIC Member Countries. The OICStat is regularly updated and enriched on the basis of information collected from/provided by two main sources: International statistical sources and national statistical sources. The option for the dissemination of data from the national statistical sources is available as long as the countries feed data to the OICStat. Currently, the OICStat hosts 1852 socio-economic indicators under 27 categories for the 57 OIC Member Countries, dating back to 1970.

SESRIC Motion Chart Generator

SMCThe SMC Module, an interactive and dynamic data visualisation module based on motion charts, allows the users to dynamically explore the trends of several indicators hosted by SESRIC. The charts generated by the SMC Module are rendered within the user's browser using the Adobe Flash technology. The produced charts are time series based bubble charts including two indicators that can be customised by the user to have either linear or logarithmic scale(s) with alternative bubble sizes based on the related indicators.

OIC-Countries in Figures (OIC-CIF)

OIC-CIF The OIC-Countries in Figures (OIC-CIF) profiles the most recent information on OIC Member Countries. The profile information presented under 9 sections, namely Background, Geography and Climate, Society and Demographics, Government and Politics, Economy and Sectors, Country in Figures, International Partnerships, Logistics, and Special Links for each country, can also be exported to Report format for easy access by the users.

Roster of Statistics Experts (ROSE)

SMCThe Roster of Statistics Experts (ROSE) provides opportunity to reach out to the pool of experts that work in the official statistics sector or in other sectors that deliver services contributing to the efforts of the agencies with an embedded statistical role. In addition, the ROSE is aimed at contributing significantly to useful exchange of information and experiences within the Islamic World through enabling the flow of communication between the professionals and the relevant stakeholders.

OIC Top/Bottom Finder (TBF) and OIC Ranker

TBF The Other online data modules which work in parallel with the OICStat are OIC Top/Bottom Finder (OIC-TBF) and OIC Ranker. While OIC-TBF extracts the full list of OICStat indicators in which an OIC Member Country is positioned at the very Top or Bottom, OIC Ranker ranks the OIC Countries by a selected indicator hosted under the OICStat.

Statistical Yearbook on OIC Member Countries

Since its establishment in 1978, SESRIC has been publishing various statistical volumes and series both in hard cover and on its website. While the first edition of the Statistical Yearbook on OIC Member Countries was published in 1980, the content of subsequent Statistical Yearbooks have been continuously updated and enriched. Thanks to the online statistical database of the Centre, OICStat, a user-friendly system of accessing online statistical data with download option in various formats, users can access to the most up-to-date data around the clock.

Did You Know?

dkIn order to reflect striking facts about OIC Member Countries in a simple and user friendly way, SESRIC has launched a new module called "Did You Know?".

OIC Statistical Outlook

StatisticalOutlookPrepared by the Statistics and Information Department of SESRIC as a thematic statistical publication, the OIC Statistical Outlook covers one of the categories hosted at OICStat Database. In each issue, the readers will benefit from not only the data for all OIC countries with OIC and World level aggregate values, where applicable, but also brief analysis with figures reviewing the performance and progress of the OIC countries in the category covered.