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State of Youth in OIC Member States 2022 (07 September 2022)

State of Youth in OIC Member States 2020 (15 November 2020)

State of Youth in OIC Member States 2017 (30 December 2017)


The OIC-2025 Programme of Action accords special priority to youth in OIC member countries under multiple overlapping policy areas with an aim to guide joint Islamic action. This is in recognition of the fact that OIC member countries are home to over a quarter of the world’s total youth, which offers unmatched advantages in the realm of industry, innovation, growth and labour power. Yet, young people face a series of challenges and constraints in productively contributing to the development of their societies.

In order to facilitate multi-lateral cooperation to address challenges faced by youth, OIC Member countries have held four sessions of the Islamic Conference of Youth and Sports Ministers (ICYSM) and adopted the OIC Youth Strategy to address challenges youth face including, but not limited to, unemployment, health services, radicalism, conflict, migration and political engagement. SESRIC prepared the OIC Youth Strategy to provide guidance and tangible steps to increase the high-level commitment and intra-OIC cooperation of the Member countries to improving and enhancing the situation of youth across the Islamic world.

The SESRIC has been preparing “The State of Youth in the OIC Member States” report since 2016 to serve as the main technical background document for the biennial sessions of the ICYSM. These reports outline the contemporary state of youth by examining key areas of relevance such as education and skills development, health and wellbeing, participation and amongst others employment. The reports provide concrete directions on how to overcome youth challenges with the aim of transforming youth into a productive and creative force for the OIC Member States.