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People with Disabilities and Special Needs in OIC Countries (2019)


The OIC Member countries realize that people with disabilities face persistent inequalities in social, economic, cultural, environmental, and political spheres. In particular, the economic, legislative, physical, and social environment in a country may create or maintain barriers to the participation of people with disabilities in economic, civic, and social life. Therefore, OIC Member countries have identified people with special needs as an important area of cooperation under the OIC-2025 Programme of Action, which pays special attention to taking joint Islamic action in service of people with special needs.

To actualize the commitment of OIC Member countries towards people with special needs, SESRIC presented the comprehensive Plan of Action on People with Disabilities to the First Ministerial Conference on Social Development in 2019. The Plan of Action aims to address challenges faced by people with disabilities in socio-economic life and increase their participation in the development of their societies. It urges policy-makers in Member countries to pay specific attention to the demographic transitions in the coming years and to guide them in improving the state of people with disabilities. Recognizing these persistent and common challenges faced by people with special needs, the OIC Member countries have decided to include this topic as part of the biennial Ministerial Conference on Social Development.

SESRIC undertakes various research studies on people with special needs and disabilities to serve as informative and technical documents for the Ministerial Conference on Social Development. These outputs employ the latest available data and statistics to chalk a detailed picture of the OIC Member countries strengths and weaknesses as well as ways to improve the socio-economic participation and adaptation of people with special needs and disabilities into society. The research studies also intend to guide efforts on the implementation of policies that improve the quality of life of people disabilities and gauge the progress and performance of Member States.