Mapping Turkey’s Resource Centres 2016
Date: 24 May 2016

“Since early 1990s, Turkey has shown a significant potential to play a lead role in South-South cooperation within the group of the developing countries. Over the last two decades, Turkey has become a significant foreign aid provider and accumulated substantial development experience, know-how and technology to be shared with other developing countries, particularly with the OIC member countries. Turkey is willing to share and transfer its accumulated knowledge and best practices through South-South cooperation programmes with other IDB member countries.

In this connection, the present study entitled “Mapping Turkey’s Resource Centres” provides an analysis of Turkey’s institutional capacity for international development cooperation. The study showcases the country’s best practices and South-South cooperation potential in some selected areas and field, including agriculture, livestock and food security, health and nutrition, technical and vocational education and training, transport and communications, disaster and emergency management. This has been done through profiling various national, NGOs and private sector Resource Centres in these areas. The study was prepared as a contribution to the implementation of the IDB’s South-South cooperation Programme titled “Reverse Linkage Programme”.

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  • Mapping Turkey’s Resource Centres 2016 (English)