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OIC Labour Market Report 2023 - Implications of Rising Digitalization and Automation on Employment (22 November 2023)

OIC Labour Market Report 2020 (04 December 2020)

OIC Labour Market Report 2017 (30 December 2017)

OIC Labour Market Report 2015 (03 November 2015)


There is widespread poverty and growing inequality in many countries around the world. This requires more inclusive growth strategies to address the challenges of most deprived populations. An effective way of supporting such disadvantaged groups is to enable them to earn their own income by supporting their participation in economic activity. Therefore, inclusive growth strategies should include prudent labour market policies that aim at increasing the rate of participation in labour force and thus decreasing the scope of economic inactivity in the country.

The OIC-2025 Programme of Action duly recognizes the importance of labour market to build a better quality of life, to promote productive employment, and to create adequate social protection for OIC peoples through enhancing workforce competitiveness, creating a harmonious and progressive workplace, and promotion of decent work for all. To this end, the 4th Islamic Conference of Labour Ministers (ICLM), which was held in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in February 2018, adopted the OIC Labour Market Strategy prepared by the SESRIC.

In order to facilitate the proceedings of the ICLM and contribute towards the implementation of the OIC Labour Market Strategy, SESRIC regularly prepares and presents the main findings during the OIC Labour Market Reports during the ICLM. The report analyses the current state of labour market in OIC countries and discusses some important aspects of labour market policy and developments. The report, therefore, significantly contribute to the deliberations on the current state and challenges of OIC countries in the area of labour and employment.