In the area of Training and Technical Cooperation, SESRIC plays a significant role in enhancing the technical cooperation within the OIC community in areas which fall within its mandate. The Centre contributes to technical cooperation among the member countries through different modalities of training and technical capacity building such as human and institutional capacity-building, technical assistance, exchange of best practices, skill development and networking on a wide-range of socio-economic issues.

Within this framework, SESRIC plays a constructive role in strengthening intra-OIC knowledge sharing through facilitating a functional exchange of useful experiences and best practices among the national institutions of the member countries. Towards this end, the Centre developed the apex OIC Capacity Building Programme (CBP) based upon the needs and capacities of the national institutions in member states. In this regard, SESRIC currently manage 25 sector-specific capacity building programmes implemented in close cooperation with the most relevant national, international and regional organisations to provide high-level training opportunities to an increasing number of staff from the member countries in various fields and areas of socio-economic activity.

The Centre assumes the role of Executing Organ of the The OIC Vocational Education and Training Programme (OIC-VET), which aims to improve the quality of vocational education and training (VET) in the public and private sectors with the aim of supporting and enhancing the opportunities for individuals in the member countries to develop their knowledge and skills and thus to contribute to the development and competitiveness of the economies. It aims at improving the competencies and skills of the people according to the needs and priorities of labour markets through intra-OIC partnerships at institutional level. The Programme focuses on increasing accessibility and raising the quality of VET, and provides an opportunity for organizations involved in VET to build OIC partnerships, exchange best practices, increase the expertise of their staff and develop the skills and competencies of the participants.

To support the developmental efforts of member states, SESRIC embarks upon several capacity development projects and initiatives that enhanced knowledge transfer and adaption in different contexts based upon the basic governing principles on mutuality, unity and solidarity. While implementing several projects, SESRIC adopts a cooperation mechanism where member countries are actively involved to share knowledge, technology, expertise and best practices based upon tripartite approach, i.e. provider country, recipient country, and SESRIC as facilitator.The Centre continuously explores new avenues supportive to the process of South-South cooperation and socioeconomic development of the member states.

The Centre also actively involves and participates in regular international fora with a view to promote and enhance cooperation with the related institutions, aiming at organizing joint activities that would add to the specialisation efforts of experts in general and play an important role in the improvement of human capital in member countries.