Statistical Yearbook 2008
Date: 03 May 2010

Statistical Yearbook 2008 covers the period from 1998 to 2007 for 110 indicators under the categories of Agriculture, Demography, Education, Energy, Environment, Exports, Gender, Health, Imports, International Finance, Labour Force, Money and Prices, National Accounts, Public Finance, Tourism and Transportation and Communication. Among these categories, Environment and Gender are included for the first time in this issue. Moreover, another new feature of this issue of Statistical Yearbook is the presentation of the trends of some of the important indicators in two pages for each category mostly in graphical format.

Since the issues of the Statistical Yearbook of the OIC Member Countries are published on the basis of information disseminated through the database of the Centre, BASEIND, the observable enrichment of Statistical Yearbook 2008 is a consequential result of the enrichment experienced in the BASEIND. There is a continuous increase of goals and targets that must be monitored to insure progress and performance of countries; therefore it is essential for the Centre to enrich both the BASEIND and the Statistical Yearbook of the OIC Member Countries by increasing the quantity and quality of the indicators. In this context, the next step will be to include indicators related to water, which is one of the most important problems of the century, into BASEIND.

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