OIC Economic Outlook 2014
Date: 03 December 2014

In light of the recent global and regional economic developments, the OIC Economic Outlook 2014 analyses the trends in major economic indicators for the OIC member countries, as a group, during the latest five-year period (2009-2013). It investigates these trends in a comparative manner with their counterparts in the groups of the developed and other developing countries as well as with the world economy as a whole and highlights a number of constraints and challenges confronting the OIC member countries in their efforts to enhance their economic development and progress.

The Report also provides a comprehensive overview of productivity and competitiveness issues in OIC member countries, which are highly critical to achieve better standards of living and position themselves in the world in a comparably better situation. The analysis in this part highlights major factors that influence productivity and competitiveness and provides some policy implications for enhancing productivity and competitiveness in OIC countries. The Report also highlights the role of public-private partnerships for the development of the tourism sector in OIC Member Countries. The analysis in this part highlights the importance of PPPs in tourism industry through creating new products or services, achieving higher levels of efficiency, opening markets that were previously inaccessible and pooling resources.

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