OIC Water Report 2015
Date: 30 November 2015

SESRIC has published the OIC Water Report 2015 which comes out filling an important gap in water research publications in the OIC and presenting objective information and analyses on the current state and challenges facing OIC member countries in this important area. The OIC Water Report 2015 will be useful in expanding the body of knowledge in the OIC member countries in the domain of water and will contribute to the decision making process in OIC member countries through enacting appropriate policies and strategies that will enable the OIC countries to successfully address the water challenges they face.

The OIC Water Report 2015 is organized in seven chapters. The first chapter addresses water availability in the OIC member countries and methods to increased water availability. Chapter two discusses water demand and means to manage the increasing demand for water in the OIC member countries. Chapter three is devoted to water scarcity and ways to cope with water scarcity. Chapter four explores the challenges of balancing water use and food production. Chapter five addresses access to water and sanitation services. Chapter six evaluates the implementation of the OIC Water Vision. Finally, the report concludes with chapter 7 which provides policy recommendations for dealing with the different water related challenges in the OIC member countries.

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