OIC Water Report 2018
Date: 15 October 2018

OIC countries face great water risks, but these risks are not insurmountable. As the OIC Water Vision points, OIC nations are guided by the noble Islamic values of unity, fraternity and solidarity. These values provide an extraordinary opportunity for its member states to work together to ensure a water secure future, sharing varied experiences and learning from what has and has not worked. It is against this backdrop, the 2018 edition of the OIC Water Report is published by SESRIC with the special theme of “Transforming Risk into Dialogue and Cooperation”. The main findings and important policy implications of the Report have been presented during the during the Fourth Session of the Islamic Conference of Ministers Responsible for Water, which was held in Cairo, Egypt during 14-16 October 2018.

The 2018 edition of the report highlights the current state as well as the challenges facing OIC countries in the domain of water, and addresses water security and peace in OIC countries and how to transform risk into opportunities for cooperation. The Report also identifies water related needs and priorities of OIC Countries and evaluates the current state of implementing the OIC Water Vision. It concludes with a policy discussion and implications.

The Report significantly contributes to the body of knowledge in the OIC member countries in the domain of water. The Report is also expected to contribute to the decision making process in OIC member countries through enacting appropriate policies and strategies that will enable the OIC countries to successfully address the water challenges they face.

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