Statistical Yearbook 2022
Date: 01 November 2023

SESRIC released the updated 2022 edition of its Statistical Yearbook on OIC Member Countries on 1 November 2023.

The Statistical Yearbook on OIC Member Countries 2022 covers 251 socio-economic statistical indicators under 22 categories for the period between 2000 and the most recent available year covered in the OIC Statistics Database (OICStat).

The categories covered in the updated Statistical Yearbook on OIC Member Countries 2022 include; Agriculture, Banking, Money and Prices, Demography, Disasters and Emergency Events, Education, Energy, Environment, Gender, Health, Industry and Manufacturing, International Finance, International Trade, Islamic Banking and Finance, Labour and Social Protection, National Accounts, Science, Technology and Innovation, Social Development, Tobacco Control, Tourism, Transportation and Communication, Water, and Youth.

Released first in 1980, the content of the subsequent editions of the Statistical Yearbook has been continuously revised and enriched. The 2022 edition of Statistical Yearbook also visualizes positive signs of post-COVID recovery in some areas. For instance, in 2021, real GDP, labour force participation, merchandise trade, and FDI inflows rebounded in OIC countries.

The Statistical Yearbook on OIC Member Countries aims at serving as a reference publication for evidence-based decision making concerning possible areas of cooperation and integration at the OIC level and thus contributes to increasing statistical awareness among the decision makers in OIC countries. For this end, the Statistical Yearbook gives the readers the opportunity to follow up the trend in the performance of the individual country as well as the performance of the OIC member countries as a group vis-à-vis the world average in all the selected indicators.

Online Electronic Version

  • Statistical Yearbook on OIC Member Countries 2022 (English)