Annual Economic Report on the OIC Countries 2007
Date: 26 October 2007

The Annual Economic Report on the OIC Countries 2007 analyses the trends in the major economic indicators of the OIC countries in the light of the remarkably broad-based growth performance of the world economy during the past five-year period of 2002-2006. In so doing and in addition to the overall group-comparative analysis, the 57 OIC member countries are also analysed under three sub-groups which, presumably, would better illustrate the overall performance of the OIC countries and the developments they experienced. These are the OIC least-developed countries (OIC-LDC), the OIC fuelexporting countries (OIC-FEC) and the OIC medium-developed countries (OIC-MDC).

In an attempt to enrich the context of the Report, this year’s Report introduces “Country Profile” pages, which include data and graphical analysis on the major economic indicators of each country, and, thus, it presents the overall economic performance at the individual country level. The Report also highlights, in special windows, various issues of concern to the developing countries, including the OIC members. The themes of this year’s issues are the impact of commodity prices on the economies of the developing countries, business-friendly reforms in African member countries and impact of globalisation on future growth in the developing countries. Finally, the Report highlights a number of challenges confronting the OIC member countries in their efforts to further their economic progress.

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