Training Course on Reserve Management in Kyrgyzstan
Date: 23-24 May 2012
Venue: Bishkek - Kyrgyzstan

Statistical, Economic and Social Research and Training Centre for Islamic Countries (SESRIC) has organized a training programme on “Reserve Management” at the National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic on 23-24 May 2012 within the framework of OIC Central Banks Capacity Building Programme. The Course was provided by Mr. Suat Aydin, senior portfolio manager from the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey, and was attended by relevant members of the National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic.

The training course on "Reserve Management" mainly covered the following areas:

  • Reserve Management in the Central Bank of Turkey
  • Fixed Income Strategies
  • Yield Curve Strategies
  • Repo Transactions
  • Eurodollar Futures and how to use them in FI portfolios
  • Investment Process